What Your Company Can Expect

What Your Company Can Expect from our Training

2KO International is the leading Six Sigma Training provider for many of the largest companies in South Africa, as well as neighbouring African countries. Choosing the correct training provider is crucial in a successful Six Sigma/Lean process. At 2KO International we work closely together with companies to assist them according to their specific training needs.


Results your Company can Expect

Improved Customer Service Loyalty

Time Management and efficiency

Reduced Cycle Time

Employee Motivation

Strategic Planning

Supply Chain Management

Bottom line cost savings (5%-20% of turnover per annum)

Improved quality of product or service as perceived by the customer (internal and external customers)

Reduction in process cycle times

Development of staff skills

Common language throughout the organisation

World class standard

Creates a competitive edge

Improve ROI

Drive sales growth

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Six Sigma course advisors can supply details about our current and upcoming specials, our publicly scheduled Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma classes or about our in-house and bespoke training. Our consultants can be contacted by email or on phone number+27 21 4265300